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I Hope You Die, And I Have An Alibi

When There Is No More Room In Hell, The Dead Will Walk The Earth

31 January
Attention retail rodeo employees, as you probably know, another of our family has passed away. He was a liar and a thief, and a very disturbed young man! Perhaps we can all learn something from this, like... don't lie or steal and don't be disturbed!

HI! i'm daniel! i'm 18...(aquarious)i hav a faded blaaaack hair... need to change the colour... im average build...well slightly skinny...with dodgy greeny eyes! i like to write stories (well, i like to intend to) an i write screenplays...cos i looooove films! i try my hand at drawing...but im not that good...erm...i watch angel religiously (i wrote that when angel was still showing, its beeeen axed!!!)!!! i play with action figures still-should hav grown outta that...but im refusin to grow up... so i do everything in my power to defie growing up!

birthday cake is a dish best served... everyday of the week, straight from the box, whilst standin in a small huddle outside sainsburys!

i like to read now! hahaha! i find myself more an more drawn to michael moore books, cos i can actually read them with out the boredom!

hehehe, im makin a film, my film teacher gave me the go ahead for my short film... which is hopefully the first of many shorts in my inventory... (i wrote that about... 7 months ago... wheres my film? wheres anything? huuum? nowhere! thats where!)

ok, thats all different now, but i cant be bothered to change it... that was a few years ago, its now... 11:35am on monday the 11th of april 2005!
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